Wave of Oneness!


November was a rough month for me, but December seems even worse. Some days I feel so wired that I end up just running in circles. Other days, I feel so exhausted and unmotivated that hibernating for the winter seems appealing. On top of all of that, fears I am about to die or the whole world is coming to an end sweep over me without warning. Please tell me such insanity is temporary!


From an evolutionary perspective, this is one of the most powerful periods in all of earth's history. Consequently, it is a time of extraordinary challenge as well as even greater opportunity. Anything you went through in November (and I suspect many months prior) was just preparation to receive more of its profound offerings.

As stated in a previous Weekly Wisdom (Riding on the Breath of God), we are in the midst of a returning home process. The divine mechanism behind such a call homeward is a series of cosmic waves (out-breaths and in-breaths from the Godhead) containing increasing higher frequencies of Loving consciousness.

Previously, all waves were narrower in range, similar to one or two musical notes (or subtle whispers from the Godhead). However, for the first time since the earth's inception, a complete chorus of notes is entering this dense realm. Basically, God just raised his voice and expanded his resonance to an entirely new level.

The central theme of this new divine song is Oneness - the harmonization of differing elements (or notes of consciousness) within ourselves and between each other. As a result, more than ever, anything within us individually or globally that is dissonant must be either healed or released. Ultimately, that which fails to serve us (as part of this new melody) will fall away or die. Hence, your newly arising fears regarding both personal and global death.

Given the unique power of this new wave, dramatic effects are to be expected - first inwardly as they are absorbed and then outwardly over time as the resulting shifts are translated into manifestation. The degree to which such a song is openly received by an individual, a group or even an entire continent is the degree to which the manifested effects will be experienced as positive and harmonious.

Unfortunately, many, many beings on this planet have done little (either individually or collectively) to prepare themselves for such a loving call. As a result, instead of triumphantly riding this wave of Oneness homeward, it will come crashing down on them with great force. Such a dramatic collision course between separateness and oneness, fear and love, resistance and surrender will only escalate in the coming days as more songs (with even greater dynamic range) enter our sphere.

Hence, the "insanity" you are currently experiencing is not temporary. It will continue to escalate (with occasional pauses to allow for integration and rest) until the full range of God's familiar voice is heard by all. This is lovingly intended, to insure that anyone who wants to return home will have the opportunity.

Throughout this challenging time, take heart you are at least heading in the right direction. Surrendering just a bit more to the process (requiring less of yourself and others in the typical, human sense), will bring you into even greater attunement. Aligning with God's call (however awkwardly or elegantly) guarantees you not only greater safety and ease along the way, but eternal Joy down the line. On your most challenging days, simply rest in that assurance and all will be well!

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