I have been feeling rather strange and surreal lately. Reality as I have known it seems to be changing in ways that I can't quite put my finger on, yet everyone around me keeps acting as if it is business as usual. When I mention this to others, even those closest to me, they act as if I'm a bit crazy. Am I losing it or is something really shifting?


Be assured you are not going crazy. A little background regarding the nature of cosmic reality should help to provide some context for these new, emerging perceptions. For simplicity's sake, I will use the male pronoun to refer to God.

To begin with, what we call reality is simply God experiencing himself. One of the main ways God enjoys the experience of himself is in manifestation and the greater the range and diversity of that manifestation, the greater his experience of himself and therefore the greater his joy. The cycle of manifestation can be understood as moving outward from the center of the Godhead (the void of pure, unmanifest oneness) towards diversity and individuation into particularized expression (or form) and then back again.

Simply put, God experiences himself through the exhale and inhale of manifestation (divine breath). In appearing to separate from the Godhead into individuation, we (as aspects of the divine) have been traveling on one of his larger exhales. But ultimately, we are just one small part of a very large exhale responsible for the creation of countless Universes and multiple realities.

The Big Bang (the birth of our own Universe) occurred amidst one of those larger exhales. As such, until very recently, most of the earth's consciousness and its long term inhabitants have been moving firmly in the direction of individuation and manifestation in harmonious accord with the most recent outpouring of God's breath.

But now, the Universe and even more specifically our planet, is beginning to enter an entirely new cycle of God's experience. One of the exhales (waves) contained within the even larger exhale of the creation of our particular Universe or reality construct is coming to an end (note that exhales and inhales are like waves within waves - concentric in nature). Hence, an exhale that lasted for thousands of earth years is now beginning to shift to an inhale.

As a result, we are starting to move away from individuation, separation and manifestation back into oneness, wholeness and formlessness with the Godhead. We are collectively, as a people, a planet and even a Universe simply being called home. It is the story of the Prodigal Son on a cosmic scale!

Clearly, the ultimate fruition of such a transformation lies far out in the future. Still, for some, the shift is already beginning to occur at very high levels of consciousness and subtle frequencies of awareness. As a result, basic qualities of personal identity, the sense of residing upon a solid, dense mass in a coherent Universe as well as long-held dependencies on time and space are beginning to break down.

Because you are ahead of the curve in terms of being more sensitive to God's call home; your experience of reality is already beginning to shift (as compared to those around you). Although being ahead of the curve can sometimes feel more like a curse than a blessing, it is actually a great gift. And the Divine never bestows such gifts without a purpose. My sense is that you are meant to help others adjust to the many dramatic changes forming on the horizon. Going through this process in advance will give you the strength, the knowledge (and most of all the compassion) to help your slightly less aware brothers and sisters in the coming days.

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