Righteous Anger!


My life seems to be one of continual rejection of the gifts God offers. People come into my life who Love me, and I drive them away. At work I'm periodically considered for promotion, but sabotage myself at every opportunity. I have a higher than average IQ, yet seem to be unable to stop myself from behaving and speaking in inappropriate ways. I've read many spiritual books for guidance, but forget everything I've ever read or learned when Fear arises. I don't even recognize that it is Fear until some days or weeks after the event. I continually snatch Defeat from the Jaws of Victory. Then I feel remorseful, not only about myself, but also those I have injured during my "temporary amnesia". Is there no escape from this Wheel of Misfortune?


The more you believe in fear, the more it will believe in you and hover tenaciously around you to feed. That's because it simply cannot live without your belief - that is the food, the oxygen, the life-force that sustains its very existence.

Conversely, the more you believe in Love (it has always believed in you, by the way), the more it will draw close and feed you - supply all the food, oxygen and life-force you need to sustain a perpetually joyful existence. Hence, fear always takes away, weakens and ultimately kills, whereas Love always gives, strengthens and ultimately provides eternal life.

Presently, you are in the middle of a tug of war between these two forces. To make Love the clear and decisive winner in your life requires strengthening your belief in its supreme power to overcome all things - especially fear. Only then will you experience true and lasting victory.

Towards that end, continue to maintain and even expand the strongholds of Love you already have via the continued use of supportive spiritual materials and resources. At the same time, do your best to walk through life with Loving awareness. Saying the following phrase throughout the day (especially whenever you sense fear arising) should greatly help;

The Divine Love within me is greater than the illusory fear of this world.

In the event fear takes over and "temporary amnesia" results, do not judge yourself or fall into resignation (both of which only strengthen fear's hold). Instead, simply use such fresh evidence of fear's destructive ways as fuel for even greater resolve to overcome it.

This is where the appropriate use of anger can be invaluable. Anger as a pure emotion is neutral. And like all other gifts from God it can be used either positively or negatively. Used positively in the form of righteous anger it places great power behind your desire to be free from such negative domination. Think of it as the necessary rocket fuel for lift-off from your "Wheel of Misfortune". In fact, without such focused intensity (in one form or another), most seekers never achieve the velocity needed to escape fear's gravitational pull.

Righteous anger offers so much power in this regard because it is actually a form of Love - embodying Love for the truth, Love for freedom, Love for one's Higher Nature and Love for everyone enslaved by fear. As such, truly realizing how much damage and pain fear has inflicted and will continue to inflict if left unchallenged, often provides the necessary Loving force to overcome it. Hence, cease using your awareness regarding fear's current hold over your life to feel less about yourself or others (which is really just misdirected anger). Instead, direct the pure essence of such fury to where it can do the most good - towards fear!

At a certain point every seeker must take a stand - marshal all inner resources (even ones they did not know they had) and rise up against fear. Not unlike the birth process, in which after a series of increasingly painful labor pains, a final, sustained push is required for new life to emerge. That last push is really a decision - a clear (and even calm) inner choice to no longer be ruled by fear. Such a decision is what gives life to an entirely new way of being in this realm (your Divine Love Child).

Going forward, realize each time you succumb to fear you draw strength away from that still-forming Love Child, whereas every time you believe in Love you provide it with life-giving nurturance and oxygen. Time to end such a painful standoff and let that inner Divine Child (which is the real you) finally come to full term and be born. Maintaining awareness regarding what is really at stake should galvanize the power of your righteous anger. The future of that beautiful Child (which has always been and will always be your real life), depends on it!

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