Sick of the Holidays!


I'm REALLY sick of the holidays this year - too much food and drink, people and parties, presents and decorations. I'm so fed up with everything and everyone - including myself! I NEVER felt this way past seasons. What has caused such a change of heart? Bah Humbug!!!


You are indeed experiencing a change of heart; fortunately it is a positive one. Within the deep recesses of your being, you are starting to expand in both compassion and connectivity. Such a humbug stance is just a superficial reaction to your inner (presently frustrated) desire for something much more real, lasting and profound.

Just as taking in too much unwholesome food can sicken the body as well as harden and narrow the arteries to your human heart, taking in too much of the wrong energies (activities, people, material goods, etc.) can cause soul sickness and harden and narrow the spiritual pathways to your divine heart. Hence, the notion of gluttony as a "deadly sin" is not necessarily misplaced, in that it can lead to spiritual dis-ease and deadness.

Realize such excessive intake (whether it is centered around food, goods or experiences) is always an attempt to insulate against the deeper call of the heart. Through gluttony one hopes to avoid feeling - both the pain in their own heart as well as their fellow man's. It stems from doubt and disbelief - doubt that God is Loving (and therefore desires to supply all of your needs perfectly) and disbelief you are worthy of such bounty.

Fortunately, your sickened reaction points to a heart that is not so hardened, so numb that is cannot return to its true vibrant nature and ultimately beat in joyful attunement with the Loving, bountiful nature of God.

Simply start pushing yourself away from the illusory table of this world (which only offers rotten scraps anyway) and ask for divine help to believe in (and ultimately sit at) God's perfect feast. It is time for you to return to a more wholesome, balanced (Love-centered) diet - one that will allow your heart to grow healthy and strong in spirit. God loves a good appetite; he just wants you to take in the right kind of nourishment!

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