Runaway Train!


My life feels like a runaway train. I am constantly on the go, barely able to keep up with everyday demands. Please provide some practical steps for putting the brakes on. Without more stillness in my life, I fear I will never discover who I really am or my real purpose in being here.


Your life feels like a runaway train because you are running away from God. When you find yourself doing a million and one things, feeling constantly pressed for time or spending all of your energy trying to fix one mini-crisis after another, it's because (at some level) you sense God's growing presence. From your ego's perspective, there is simply nothing more terrifying!

Hence, the increasing pace of your life (and modern life in general) is not a random occurrence. Instead, as powerful co-creators, we are individually and collectively responsible for the world's current state of hyperactivity. Subconsciously, humankind secretly hopes such escalating frenzy will stem the ever-increasing influx of Divine Love and Light.

As such (if you are honest with yourself), you will have to admit that you regularly create needless work for yourself as a means of distraction and defense. The proof being that when you start to run out of things to do or seriously contemplate a life permanently free of such fast-paced intensity, you immediately grow anxious.

Given that the pulse of human-centered existence will continue to escalate in the coming days, finding an elegant way off such a runaway train of personal and collective resistance is critical.

Fortunately, the first step is not complicated. It simply entails for asking God's help to trust his Love more than the fear-based appearances of the world. If you are sincere in your request - the ability, the resources and the confidence to enter true stillness will naturally arise. Consequently, willingness is the only "practical step" that is ever required - all else will be divinely supplied.

If you find yourself regularly drawn to worldly solutions as a means of slowing down, realize such techniques (at their best) only help you to temporarily cope with or better manage the accelerating insanity. Ultimately, such a band-aid approach will prolong your pain as well as greatly increase the intensity of your suffering down the line.

Although stepping off the speedy train of your life into the still point of God's awaiting arms requires a challenging leap of faith, the alternative is far more daunting. For the ultimate destination of your current path is a head-on collision with death, destruction and dire limitation. Why not step forward into God's Loving Care instead? Amidst such Perfected Protection, the glory of your true identity and your real purpose in life can finally unfold!

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