Hobbled by Humility


I sense God wants me to help others spiritually, yet I don't know where to begin. I have no experience, training or special ability (and I am definitely not enlightened!). My deepest fear is that I will do more harm than good as well as regularly embarrass myself. Others doing this work appear to be so confident and able. I want to feel that way as well.


Fortunately, the ability to truly help others has nothing to do with training, experience or even innate talent. All that is required is your sincere willingness to surrender unto God's plan. That's because, works of real or lasting value are always created through us, never because of us. Hence, your primary responsibility is simply to be the best or clearest channel possible.

To get started, earnestly ask God to use you as his instrument - trusting that his purifying energy will increasingly flow through you until all personal blocks to perfected, loving service are removed. In the meantime, rest in the assurance that even the faintest trickle of divine energy flowing through you, is still a gift of inestimable measure to those around you as well as the world at large.

All other approaches are not only a waste of time - they are extremely destructive. In the end, human-centered creations only add more chaos, pain and suffering to the world (regardless of how seemingly beautiful, wise or accomplished they appear to us at the time).

Hence, cease being hobbled by human humility, which is really just arrogance in disguise. Only true humility (which entails turning over the reins to God) can provide you with the necessary confidence and ability to be of genuine service in the world.

Ironically, one of the biggest leaps of faith we are called to make on our journey homeward is to cease believing in, relying upon or trusting ourselves. Only through such personal abandonment, do we finally discover the unbounded nature our True Self!

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