Waiting for Marching Orders!


I firmly believe everyone has a special purpose in life, I just wish I knew what mine was. If I did, it would really help me plan and prioritize my activities as well as dramatically improve my motivation. Why hasn't God clued me in? I am so tired of living half a life, waiting on the sidelines for my real life to unfold.


During incarnation, almost everyone experiences amnesia regarding his or her intended purpose here. Fortunately, such a loss need not be an impediment to carrying out divine directives. In fact, not knowing the specifics of God's plan for your life often allows it to unfold with even greater grace and speed.

Consequently, if you want to come into perfected alignment regarding your destiny, simply ask Higher Forces to reveal your mission to the degree it serves you as well as others. If only one small step is disclosed, trust that as soon as you follow it another step will appear and so on and so on. For some, the unfoldment of their destiny is more like following breadcrumbs in a forest than seeing a map of the entire journey.

In the event you receive no indications regarding even the smallest next step, simply pray for your human will to be automatically aligned with Divine Will (irrespective of your conscious awareness).

Ultimately, how little or how much you personally know about God's plans has nothing to do with your level of evolvement. Some of the most developed visitors on this planet are here to expand their experience of faith - via so firmly believing in God and his Love that they no longer require any details.

As such, trusting God enough to continually walk forward in such apparent blindness (even if that means just getting out of bed one more day); can be one of the most powerful destinies a being can unfold in this realm.

Although it sometimes feels like you have been sent to the front with no marching orders, that is not the case. Consider instead, that you are here on secret mission of the highest order and therefore are already operating in great service. Simply strengthen your faith in the perfection of what already is as well as regularly trust the leading hand of your own divine nature (even if that hand is never or rarely seen). If you do these two things, you cannot help but be on course!

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