The Final Press


My life has been filled with lots of outer drama and chaos. Although that has died down considerably, I now feel a constant, searing ache in the core of my being. It is unrelenting yet appears to be unrelated to externals. What should I do, if anything, to alleviate it?


What you are experiencing is the final press of human attachment being removed from your consciousness. As this is being directed by Higher Forces out of a loving desire to purify your nature in the most elegant and efficient way possible, it should not be resisted.

In conjunction with such a process, energies previously devoted to dissolving the drama and chaos of your outer life are now focused on the drama and chaos of your inner life (the real source of all illusory creations). Purifying at such a core, essential level is extraordinarily efficient. Even the smallest amount of burning away can result in the permanent removal of tremendous attachment and suffering.

As you enter the deepest stages of this process, do not be surprised if profound feelings of pain, anger, sadness (as well as strong egoic outbursts in the form of heightened self-importance, self-pity and self-righteousness) arise to the surface on a fairly steady basis. Given you are scraping the bottom of the barrel of your egoic consciousness, this is to be expected. That said, it still makes sense to protect yourself (and others) from such "cleansing reactions" via sequestering and supporting yourself during peak periods of release.

Although this process often feels extremely negative to your personal or egoic self, it is profoundly positive from a higher perspective. Regularly reminding yourself such searing, divine pressure is just making more and more room for permanent states of freedom, peace and bliss, can make what seems intolerable, not only bearable, but joyful!

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