Improper Nourishment!


Does sexual desire interfere with spiritual awakening or is it only any guilt (a form of fear and judgment) that is the obstacle? In trying to allow sexual feelings in an atmosphere of Love and Acceptance, I get hung up on the fact that sexual attraction, by its very nature, is based upon appearances.


Sexual desire is one of God's most powerful and sacred gifts. Whether or not it supports spiritual awakening depends entirely on the level or quality of desire you are tuning into as well as what you are feeding such yearnings.

Just like physical hunger, even though the body's desire for food is divinely given, it is still your responsibility to encourage a wholesome appetite and meet it with the best possible sources of nourishment available. Not doing so greatly diminishes the body's ability to grow up strong and sound.

Your assertion that "sexual attraction, by its very nature, is based upon appearances" is a clear sign that you are not feeding your desire properly. For in reality, true desire is not the result of what the eyes see (or any of the other senses perceive), but what the heart knows.

The human sensory system was designed to serve as merely a gathering agent or carrier of information - not the discerning source. Letting it control and direct your desire is a bit like allowing your phone to determine the meaning of incoming calls. The rampant distortion of sexuality throughout earth's history in the form of lust, perversion, violence, impotence, frigidity, shame, etc. is the direct result of such misplaced authority.

In order to realign your sexuality with Divine will, immediately cease feeding it such "empty calories" or "junk food", via reflexively responding to the appearances of the world. Focus instead on what your heart (at the deepest and most profound level) is regularly telling you as well as constantly leading you towards. It ALONE knows what you truly desire. Furthermore, it ALONE can directly provide or effortlessly attract what perfectly meets that desire!

Also consider that what you typically label as interfering guilt may (at its core) simply be an encouraging nudge from your Divine Self to seek deeper and more profound sources of satisfaction - ones that will truly serve you and your unfoldment. Hence, once you start to feed your desire with higher and more Loving forms of nourishment, such feelings should naturally and easily fade away (their purpose having been served).

Then you will be able to experience the freedom and bliss of true sexual desire - which includes an awakening sense of intimacy with your God-Self as well as growing Oneness with everyone and everything in creation!

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