Eternal Illumination!


Is there any benefit to sitting with a fully enlightened being? What I mean is, if one were in the same physical space and meditating on opening up to higher consciousness, would the experience be greater or would it be the same regardless of where you are (including places that are dark and filled with lots of lower energies)?


Sitting with a being who clearly perceives the truth of their own God-Nature can sometimes palpitate the same awareness in another. Even though such shifts are rarely permanent, they can be life altering.

It is akin to briefly turning on a light in a darkened room, in that even after the light fades there remains a residue or memory of the experience. Like a preview of coming attractions, such glimpses into higher awareness can greatly encourage and steadily guide the seeker on their quest for eternal illumination.

That said, many, many seekers misunderstand and misuse the intended purpose of such encounters. Because human consciousness habitually looks outside itself for wholeness and happiness, there is an inbuilt tendency to view an awakened being as the end point or ultimate source of the light rather than a mere pointer to that same radiance within. In such instances, enslaving attachment results.

Consequently, there is no benefit (and serious downsides) to sitting with a fully enlightened being unless your deepest desire is to discover the same level of luminosity within. Most people who are drawn to such outer sources repeatedly or for extended periods of time are generally hoping to avoid their own greatness and the inherit responsibility that comes with it. At a deep level they simply don't want to grow up spiritually. Hence, they often try to hide (albeit unconsciously) from the full maturity and true brilliance of their own nature in the soft shadows of another's radiance.

That is why it is in the darkest places and loneliest spaces that most seekers finally discover their own enlightened status. At such moments there are simply fewer sources of outer light to obscure the reality of their true inner brilliance. Like a shining star in the night sky that is neither overshadowed by the radiance of the sun nor dulled by the ambient light of civilization, your own sparkling nature can finally come into clear view!

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