A Breaking Heart!


I am soooo sad. Part of it is for the state of the world, but part of it is something else. I feel like this big, huge weight of grief is on top of me. It's so heavy and I'm finding it hard to breathe. I feel like I'm being asked to let go of a lot right now. Am I?


Your heart is deeply grieving, not only for the suffering that is presently occurring around the globe, but for the even greater sorrow and devastation you sense on the horizon.

The more you can allow such sadness to move through you, the more all personal attachment to suffering (basically fear, resistance and numbing related to your own past pain) will also be released. And that is critical, for until your own heart is freed of such impurities you will reflexively contract in relation to another's torment (out of a misguided need for self-protection).

Such fear-based contraction causes not only your heart, but also the Divine Love, Power and Wisdom eternally contained within it, to recede as well. Hence, the greatest possible gift you could ever offer the world (as well as yourself) ceases to be available to you.

Given that your current grief serves such a mighty, sacred purpose, make sure you give it necessary time, space, energy (and tears) it deserves. Although purifying your own heart can seem overwhelming at times, keep reminding yourself that a breaking heart is an expanding one. And the bigger and more open your heart is, the more you can serve as a truly compassionate force for healing and transformation.

Ultimately, intense joy and profound transformation will arise out of worldly loss and destruction. Once your own heart is clear, you will be able to hold onto this liberating truth regardless of outer appearances - no matter how dire. Such a realization will give you the rock-solid strength and confidence to regularly surmount all such distress personally as well as triumphantly lead others towards the same freeing realization.

NEVER underestimate the power of a tear sincerely shed. Sometimes it is the most powerful thing you (or anyone else) can do to save the world!

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