Expand Your Vision!


I lost a lot of money in the stock market a few years back and now I am deeply worried about my real estate investments. I have called upon God to help me time the market, but so far there's been no response. Am I wrong to ask for help regarding such things?


God wants to be involved in every aspect of your life; hence there is absolutely nothing wrong with seeking guidance regarding financial matters (large or small). In fact, you are always in much more danger of being out of Divine Will whenever you fail to ask.

That said, there are still times Higher Forces will not answer a specific question because any response given would not ultimately serve you. Realize God always holds a much grander vision for you and your expression than you can ever hold for yourself, hence your current question regarding timing the marketplace may simply be out of alignment with his much larger plan for your life.

Consequently, view silence in this instance as a gentle cue to ask even bigger and more essential questions around the issue of investment. For example, ask where you should ultimately be investing your time, your energy and your resources. Perhaps preoccupation with the worldly shifts of the marketplace is simply too small and too narrow a focus - one that is distracting you from a much more magnificent destiny.

I predict that clear, discernable guidance will begin to flow as soon as you are willing to invest in God's unique vision for your life. Once you open up to the true, overriding purpose of your existence, specific guidance regarding how to manage all of the details of your life in support of such an aim (including financial investments) will be sure to follow!

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