Open To Love's Radiance!


I have been daily reading the inspired works of others who are fully awake in order to assist my own awakening. A constant theme is to apply love to any situation. My personal history is replete with the lack of love, and so recognizing what is loving and what is not loving is very difficult for me.


In the depths of your being, you already perfectly recognize Love (both in terms of receiving and giving). This is something all children of God inherently know. You are just temporarily separated from such knowing due to surface layers of heart-armoring illusion you added along the way out of a misguided need for protection.

As a result, whenever you encounter Love (regardless of the degree or form), that deeper, truer part of your being automatically opens up to its presence - much like a sunflower reflexively turns toward the sun, eager to absorb all of its life-giving warmth and light.

While this is occurring, your surface consciousness (the part you currently identify with), reflexively contracts away from such deeply needed radiance into the coldness and darkness of self-created separation.

That is why focusing on Love is such a powerful route to awakening. It alone has the ability to heal such a schism and return your consciousness to its original state of Oneness. Such unification is key, for it is simply impossible to experience wakefulness while you remain asleep to the fullness of your own nature.

To overcome this tendency, start leaning into wherever you sense the slightest traces of warmth and light in your life. That could include the experiences of observing beautiful scenery, eating something delicious, laughing at a joke, playing with a pet, listening to beautiful music, hugging a child, caressing a lover, etc. Purposefully giving more attention and awareness to such instances will begin to stretch out and relax those contracted muscles of surface fear and illusion that have kept you alone, confused and in the dark for ages.

The more the aperture of your being opens up to such warmth and light, the more you will clearly see, feel and know Love at all levels of awareness until you directly encounter the ultimate experience of Love in God's unifying embrace.

When that occurs you will know Love so completely that you will become Love. In becoming Love you will understand that Love is ALL, has always been ALL and will always be ALL - that it permeates everything in time and space

Consequently, you will realize you have never been deprived of Love, either in experience or understanding. You just allowed yourself to temporarily believe such a fabrication in order to return (even more joyfully) to the ultimate reality of your existence as pure, radiant Love!

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