Learn To Discern!


What are some guidelines and techniques for making major life decisions? In thinking about these things (mediating?) how does one learn to separate cleverly disguised fear and chatter from real divine wisdom which they may be receiving?


Given that The Divine is always speaking to us and we are innately equipped (as children of God) to perfectly receive and discern such wisdom, any challenge we ever experience in this regard must be self-created.

In general, humans dull their ears to the crisp clarity constantly being offered because the ego nature doesn't really want to hear what divine forces have to say. At the heart of such rebellion lies a fear or misguided notion of who God is and what he is likely to ask of us. Most often, this is due to deeply held (often subconscious) beliefs in an ultimate being that is punitive, restrictive and overly-demanding vs. loving and caring. As a result, most everyone (at least initially) reflexively resists listening to the voice of The Divine over the chatter of fear and ego.

Consequently, the ultimate "guideline" or "technique" for discerning divine wisdom is simply to strengthen your faith in a Loving God (basically reprogram your consciousness with the truth of his caring nature). Towards that end, regularly surround yourself with words, energy and people that encourage such a perspective. Saying the following prayer/mantra from the book The Way Out is one of the easiest and most powerful ways to begin the process;

God Loves and Cares for me and is giving me all good things. I Love him and think his thoughts and do only the things he wants me to do.

The more you say such words (and say them with sincerity), the more you can rest in the assurance that you are automatically making the right decisions - that you are regularly and naturally being guided through countless means and avenues towards your own (and everyone else's) greatest good!

Such a complete and all-encompassing approach allows you to enter the real peace of God's Love and care - an effortless form of support that does not require you to receive distinct (humanly discernable) wisdom about every single situation in order to feel secure. In a sense, such relaxation is the ultimate wisdom God has always wanted you to receive.

As a result, see the big and small decisions of your life as just divinely given opportunities to more fully enter the eternal wisdom of such complete Peace!

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