God's Winning Hand


I have worked so hard for so many years and yet have very little to show for it - aside from growing older, increasingly tired and much less hopeful about the future. At various points in the past, everything seemed to be coming together (in terms of creating the lifestyle I always envisioned for myself) and then "boom" out of nowhere a crisis would occur and send me back to square one. Lately, I can barely muster the will to get out of bed each morning; much less bring my dreams to pass. Where do I go from here?


Life, in the strictly human sense, is a perpetual losing game - regardless of how well or poorly you play it. That's because it is a rigged game in which the house (human-based illusion) always holds the upper hand. Hence, for most everyone, daily existence consists of an unending series of fleeting wins and demoralizing loses.

Even those "lucky" few who appear to be on a long-running winning streak always lose in the end and lose big (due to their belief in death). For in that final hour, all "winnings" must be returned to the house and every player (no matter how seemingly capable or fortunate) must leave the table both alone and empty-handed. Therefore, perhaps you are just ahead of the curve via more fully realizing the futility of such a soul robbing and life draining experience.

Simply put, as long as you believe in and respond to the appearances of this world you will remain forever tied to a dualistic reality that can bring you up one day and down the next (seemingly on a whim). Consequently, the only way to truly win in life is to transcend such a losing game.

Towards that end, immediately cease expending your life force, placing your faith or centering your dreams on the betting table of worldly illusion in the hopes of winning ANYTHING of value. You have played the fool long enough. Overcome such a limiting reality by no longer responding to its superficial promises and instead focus entirely on the eternal guarantees of God.

For the longest time, you have been backing the wrong hand. Time to place everything on a real winner- the only one that leads to true and lasting triumph!

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