Persistence Wins The Prize


I want freedom. I am very clear and focused in my desire, but not so clear or focused about how to go about achieving it. I don't want to waste my time wandering around in the dark. Can you provide some pointers?


Without a doubt, the single most important factor in achieving freedom (once you determine that is what you truly desire) is persistence. Just as in the early Arthurian tales, it was not the knight with the greatest ability, the purest heart or most profound beauty that succeeded in finding the Holy Grail, but Perceval with his persistent nature. Hence, skill, purity and beauty take a very distant back seat to this insistent quality.

Sadly, it is not unusual for even the most dedicated seekers to get very close to freedom and then give up, not realizing how tantalizingly near they are to such a coveted prize. Hence, in the end, nothing else really matters if you cannot finish the journey - no liberating prize awaits the seeker who almost found!

Determining at the outset that you are going to achieve freedom - that there is simply no other alternative gives one the greatest chance for success. Having other options or fallback positions steadily dampens the fire of persistence needed to overcome all obstacles.

If your lack of freedom is comfortable (or even tolerable), it means somewhere in your consciousness you are willing to let freedom wait another day. One day becomes two and then three and so on until freedom is perpetually delayed out into an ever-advancing future.

At the heart of such persistence, lies a decision. In fact, someone with true persistence has already decided that freedom will be theirs (regardless of cost). Ironically, once that decision is made, freedom often happens very quickly. It's as if the very act of firmly deciding magically narrows the gap (of time, space and effort) between the desire and its manifestation.

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