The Dry Well


I am at the end of my rope. My life is in shambles and I feel disillusioned and hopeless. Despite repeatedly calling upon God to help me climb out of this mess, nothing seems to be happening. In the past, my spiritual journey made a lot more sense. Please help me get back on track!


Like many seekers, you are in a state of confusion regarding the nature of human reality vs. divine reality - not realizing they often work very differently. Such misunderstanding has resulted in a lot of unnecessary suffering.

In human-based reality, when we don't see results or at least some outward indication that we are heading in the right direction, there is a strong tendency to give up and look for another way - assuming that we got off-track somewhere. Whereas in divine reality (especially as we enter the more mature stages of a spiritual path), it is actually the sustained persistence despite visible signs or worldly indications that yields true and lasting success!

That is because so much of what entails true spiritual progress is either contrary to or beyond the worldly way of seeing. Therefore, to make real progress one must look past ordinary human perceptions, sensations and values for feedback. Instead, earnestly look to and rely upon what you increasingly believe in the center of your being.

Although it may feel like you have been biding your time at the bottom of a dry well (with no apparent way out) - that has not been the case. With every sincere prayer, every act of pure surrender, every attempt to lovingly help another (without regard to self), you have unknowingly invited divine waters of healing and transformation into your life. Such liberating inflow is steadily lifting you out of your deep prison of human limitation. One day that divine upswell will be so strong, so mighty that you will simply float free into an entirely new existence of unchanging Joy and Peace!

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