The Sacred Gift of Desire


I am totally preoccupied with the fantasy of having a passionate, loving relationship with an ideal partner. I truly want to connect with my Beloved or God Self, but how is that possible with such all-consuming desire standing in the way?


Desire is one of the most beautiful and sacred gifts of the divine. And just like any precious gift it is meant to be opened, savored and put to good use. Therefore, cease viewing such yearnings as obstacles that you need to cast aside or avoid in order to experience oneness with your God Self. Instead, see them as clear pointers as to where you need to go next on your journey towards such a blessed connection.

There are countless ways to unwrap the gift of desire. The most efficient method entails reminding yourself (whenever the preoccupation with any human desire arises), that such longings are merely the surface echo of an even deeper, truer desire for the Beloved within. Sometimes such awareness alone can quickly deflate the excessive focus on or stubborn attachment to such outer forms.

Another effective approach involves observing and identifying with others (friends, family members, historical figures, celebrities, etc.) who are striving for, appear to have obtained or have subsequently lost the same worldly desire. Through vicarious imaginings a person can often accelerate (or even completely release) the identical craving within oneself.

Ultimately though, if the allure of human desire still persists, despite repeated attempts to trace it back to God, either abstractly or through vicarious means, then you are probably meant to release such cravings directly. This generally entails seeking out the desired experience in the material realm and then fully and deeply surrendering to its offerings.

Realize that opening up to such desires may also necessitate opening up to new people, experiences and locales. As a result, anything standing in the way may also need to be released. This could include stuck emotions, limiting beliefs as well as unsupportive or stagnant relationships.

Earnestly seek to expose and release all traces of human desire. For the more you do, the more your deeper and truer desire for divine oneness will emerge. When that occurs, you will be just a step away from the most ecstatic, passionate and satisfying relationship possible - union with your God Self!

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