Task Master


I sense God is calling me to a new direction in life, yet I feel completely overwhelmed by the amount of practical work involved as well as the chaos currently surrounding my life. How does God expect me to take care of such tasks when I feel so incapable?


It is wonderful to hear God's call regarding a new direction in life. Unfortunately, what should be an exciting and promising time is instead filled with needless stress and strain because you have not opened up the fullness of his plan.

Realize God never gives anyone a task without also providing the means (both internally and externally) to complete it. Still, most every seeker tries (at least initially) to accomplish such assignments through their own limited efforts and understanding.

Just like a traveler to a far off land who impetuously heads out the door without a map or compass, you too are in serious danger of losing your way (as well as your inspiration). In order to effectively chart your course and maintain your bearings, it is imperative that you check-in with God on a regular basis.

In so doing, you will learn not only the what, but also the where, the how and the when of your new undertaking. Even more importantly, you will gain the necessary inspiration, confidence and vision that only such rarified companionship can provide.

Kick start the process by asking God to prioritize your tasks on a daily basis. Everything in creation comes from God; hence don't assume that orderliness, efficiency and timeliness are not a part of his plan as well.

Although it may seem like God is asking too much of you, begin to see him as a task master in the best sense - in that he is ever-available to help you master every (divinely given) task with relative joy and ease!

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