A Hard Nut to Crack


My life has been filled with tremendous suffering and loss. Sometimes, I suspect I am fundamentally flawed or have unknowingly committed a terrible offense against God. Otherwise, why would he deny me such desperately needed love and care? What can I do to remedy this situation? I will do anything to be in God's good graces.


God's love and care are not only freely given, they are ever-present. But, like a hard nut to crack, you regularly armor yourself against such desperately needed blessings.

Such a tendency began when you first incarnated on this planet - that initial experience of leaving higher realms to descend into a dense, physical plane of existence. Prior to such embodiment you felt continuously at one with The Divine - akin to floating in an endless sea of blissful love and light. Consequently, making the transition to what appeared to be a very cold and disconnected reality, felt excruciating!

In an attempt to make sense of what seemed so personally punishing, the notion that you must be fundamentally flawed or have unknowingly committed a terrible offence arose. Consequently, you came to fear God's light - thinking such clear, penetrating radiance would only further expose your essentially defective nature and result in even more suffering.

Fortunately, God's grace is ever available to help you break free from such painful (highly illusory) perceptions, but the process requires a sincere willingness on your part to trust the light again.

Along the way there will be challenges, for great force is often needed to break through the hardened shell of one's resistance. Regardless, you can rest in the assurance that the divine hand that wields such force is purely loving in its approach and entirely perfect in its aim!

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