Scaling New Heights


Although rarely inspired, I keep plugging along with my process because going backwards seems even worse (given that I see no real point to standard human existence). When I began this journey I was very optimistic and made fairly rapid progress. Now, with each passing day, I grow increasingly depressed and weary. Did I take a wrong turn somewhere?


Just as the terrain changes on any long journey, attributes which perfectly served you in the past (your clarity regarding the essential emptiness of standard human existence, for example) are now falling short because you have unknowingly entered a new landscape. Hence, although it may seem like you took a wrong turn, you are just temporarily stalled.

To better understand your predicament, consider the covered wagons of days past. Filled to the brim with provisions and valuables, they were perfectly suited for traversing the open plains. Yet, as soon as one sought to go beyond such flat expanses towards higher elevations, those same conveyances became a great liability.

As a spiritual pioneer, you are presently being called to move beyond the desert-like plains of consciousness (where so many seekers tend to settle or get bogged down) and scale the formidable rises ahead. Unfortunately, you reflexively keep trying to bring along your over-loaded "covered wagon" of personal attachments.

That is why you feel so stuck, depressed and uninspired lately. For it is highly draining, if not impossible, to pull such a heavy burden over the steep terrain you are now encountering. In order to scale such new heights of consciousness, you MUST lighten your load!

Towards that end, focus less on what human-centered reality fails to offer and more on what you believe (however faintly) divine-centered existence will. For you, re-igniting and strengthening your faith in the promise of what lies beyond is like much needed oxygen. Given that the air will become even thinner and more rarefied as you proceed upward, opening up to such life-giving hope is essential!

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