Fear of the Road Ahead


For several months, I've felt a strong sense of foreboding about the future. I used to have similar feelings of fear and dread as a child, but fortunately they faded as I grew older. Now that they have re-emerged, they feel even stronger and more imminent. I really want these feelings to go away. Can you help?


Divine gifts come in many packages. Therefore, don't assume that being in touch with such feelings is necessarily negative. From a higher perspective, you just need some assistance to more fully understand as well as unwrap such unique offerings.

To begin with, realize you came into this world with highly developed intuitive skills. Consequently your awareness as a young child regarding both present and future realities was far greater than most. That is why such deep feelings of fear and dread preoccupied so much of your early existence - you were simply tapping into present disturbances as well as potential future happenings, on both a personal and a global scale.

Such a high level of awareness and foreknowledge was extraordinarily draining and stressful as a child, hence you made a concerted (albeit mostly subconscious) effort to shut out such knowing. Now that you have matured and achieved a certain degree of stability in your life, those special gifts are again presenting themselves in order for you to fully receive as well as share the incredible bounty they contain.

As a part of that process, difficult and challenging perceptions will still arise from time to time, as we are living in very chaotic and perilous times. Regardless, the more you can allow your God-given gifts to fully unfold, the more you will discover that such seemingly negative insights are always balanced by even more positive ones. This is the other side of the story you regularly missed as a child.

Hence, be willing to unwrap such divine gifts. For in so doing, you will discover that the road ahead, although challenging, contains unparalleled blessings as well!

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