Planting New Seeds For The Future


I patiently keep waiting for positive things to appear in my life, but as that rarely happens I end up feeling bitter a lot of the time. Sometimes, I think I just have bad luck or was born under a dark cloud. Any clue as to why my life is such an ongoing disappointment?


Unknowingly, you have allowed limiting beliefs and painful feelings about the past to determine your future experience. Just as in a garden, such past attachments have served as potent seeds for future harvests. And, although you would never deliberately plant onions and wait in hopeful expectation for fragrant roses to appear, that is exactly what you are doing with your current approach.

Fortunately, creating a happier future is not that complicated. It just requires planting the right seeds at the right time for the desired crop. Consider that you have already proven yourself to be a very able and competent gardener, in terms of yielding great harvests from the seeds you have already sown.

Despite the nature of that yield not being to your liking, the principle is still the same. All that needs to change is the kind of seeds you plant. Start by sowing seeds that embody your deepest, purest and most essential desires and soon you will reap bountiful, joyful harvests.

In your case, that means regularly planting seeds of divine love, abundance and joy in your life. For example, to reap more love, behave more lovingly towards yourself as well as others. To increase abundance, be willing to receive what you most deeply desire and regularly share such blessings. And finally, to create more joy, begin to celebrate every moment of your life by focusing on all that is positive.

As always, call upon divine forces to clearly show you the way. For no gardener, even one as able as you, can successfully tend the garden of his life without the benefit of such masterful, loving assistance!

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