Slumbering Realms Of Divine Transformation


Lately, just as I begin to wake up in the morning, a profound feeling of sadness descends over me. Granted, I have many challenges in my current life as well as a lot of regrets about the past, but this feeling of sadness seems to run much deeper. It usually lingers until I get up and start my daily routine, at which point it fades away. Pretty much the same thing happens every morning. What's happening?


Your experience is hinting at something that is extraordinarily beautiful, breathtakingly profound as well as entirely natural for every form of consciousness on this planet (including animals, plants and minerals) as they encounter their respective realms of slumber.

As surprising as this may sound, every night as you enter that mysterious state called sleep, you leave the confines of your human body and travel to much higher, more loving realms of existence. Once there, you receive the divine inspiration, instruction and restoration you need before returning to your earthly home the following morning. Hence, as you begin to awaken, there is a tremendous sense of loss as you gradually return to what you perceive to be a much more mundane and hollow existence.

Given that you have undergone this transition countless times since you first incarnated on this planet, you may be asking yourself, why is such a shift so powerfully affecting me now? There are numerous reasons for this change and they all point to a significant leap in consciousness for you on the horizon

Simply relax (as best you can) into what is occurring; trusting that one day you will awaken from your present nightmare of limited human existence into full, joyful awareness of your divine nature!

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