Going In Circles


Whenever I feel on the verge of merging into a larger consciousness an unwanted intrusion will suddenly "come out of nowhere". I end up going in circles trying to figure out what I did to create the negativity and how to resolve the "problem". When face to face with pain and negativity I have been unable to see and experience the Perfection beyond appearances. How can I move beyond this limitation?


Currently, you are stuck in a repeating cycle, not unlike a dog that keeps chasing its tail - the tail being simply the outer manifestation of your thoughts or head consciousness. Although you seem to recognize that such a connection exists (that you are the ultimate creator of either your suffering or bliss), you still feel helpless to fully surmount such self-made obstacles to the "Perfection beyond appearances".

Fortunately, as with all good queries, your question itself contains a clue to the solution. As you stated, these intrusions arise "whenever you feel on the verge of merging into a larger consciousness". Therefore, you need to ask yourself, what is it that you fear about merging into a larger consciousness that would cause you to create such unwanted disturbances (either consciously or unconsciously) as a means of distraction or defense?

By placing all of your focus on answering that core question versus trying to figure out the specific cause of any particular problem (which in reality is just another distraction), you will be well on your way to discovering the true source of your limitation. As a hint, consider that most beings on this planet fear moving into the fullness of their divine-centered nature significantly more than dealing with a seemingly endless (but familiar) stream of problems. Once, you discover as well as fully face your core fear in this regard, such unwanted intrusions should quickly fall away - either in terms of literally manifesting or just negativity affecting you.

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