The Beauty of True Dignity


You talked about the quality of true dignity in one of your Daily Inspirations (Oct. 29th message). It rang true, but do you have any practical suggestions about how to honor and encourage that growing seed within? When I looked up the meaning of the word in the dictionary, it described dignity as being "poised and self-possessed". Is that the right idea?


The best definition of dignity (from a higher level of understanding) is the inner poise of knowing you are a beloved child of God - always seen, cared for and steadily encouraged. Furthermore, someone who operates from a place of true dignity is God-centered and divinely-possessed in all their thinking, feeling and action versus ego-centered or self-possessed. Hence, all forms of experience and expression that honor such an awareness would be considered truly dignified in nature.

Towards that end, begin to see yourself in such a light through inner imagery. Moreover, constantly seek to behave in ways that match your true (divine-centered) status - versus regularly responding to worldly cues or measuring yourself against a human yardstick.

Given that the seed of such knowing already exists within, coming into greater awareness regarding dignity is more like recalling a distant and deeply held memory versus learning a new skill. Hence, even just saying the word dignity to yourself throughout the day will help increase this growing awareness and activate its ever-present quality!

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