The Waiting Room


I really feel that I have been obedient about following the wishes of my Higher Self (as best I understand them) in relation to a very difficult and stubborn situation. But, regardless of doing everything possible to bring about a positive change, nothing seems to be happening. I am growing increasingly frustrated, restless and worried. Am I missing something?


What is occurring is that you have entered a space I refer to as the waiting room. Rather than view such apparent lack of activity as an indication that something is wrong or lacking, see it instead it is a clear sign of your spiritual maturity - given that no one ever enters this sacred space of waiting without having already developed a certain amount of spiritual muscle or fortitude.

Even though this waiting period may seem like a waste of time, it is actually serving a very high purpose. For far beneath the surface, very powerful forces of transformation are steadily at work. Although such a surface stand-still can seem both frustrating and worrying, rest in the knowledge that higher forces are not only at work on your behalf - they are probably working even more profoundly and deeply than ever before.

Also, realize that sometimes the less you know about divine inner workings, the better. That's because, despite your best intentions, you would probably only interfere with such high intention and ultimately retard your own progress.

Therefore, I recommend you use this time in the waiting room to strengthen your faith in God's Love and Care through surrendering even more deeply to your process. Towards that end, trust that God has a plan for you and because it is a divine one, it must be perfect!

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