Breaking Open to Life!


In the Weekly Wisdom (Let the Dream Die!) you stated that the dream of a personal self (who most people consider themselves to be) never really gets free. That it is just a fleeting shadow, a false notion, etc. Now I am REALLY concerned (panicked actually)! What exactly will happen to "me" (who I currently think I am) when I open up to freedom? Also, if God is so loving, why can't every part of me get free?


To better comprehend what happens to the egoic dream of self as one opens up to freedom, it is useful to explore the larger context in which such a momentous transition occurs.

To begin with, imagine the real you (your essential nature) is like a chick forming inside an egg, whereas whom you currently perceive yourself to be (that egoic dream) is its outer shell. From a cursory or surface perspective, it may appear as if that smooth outer covering is all there is to you, when in reality the real (and much more interesting) story is always taking place within.

Because the real you within that shell is a child of God, it is naturally drawn (like its divine parentage) to create through thought, feeling and word. Hence, at some point, you instinctively began to focus your creative energies outward (similar to a child laying a crib that turns the shadows on the wall into mythical playmates and settings in order to entertain itself).

Over time, such intense outward focus resulted in great attachment - you literally became captivated by your own creations. So much so, that some aspect of your consciousness now believes you are those shadowy imaginings on the wall - even though the only "life" such fabrications have are a direct result of the thoughts, feelings and energies you poured into them.

Fortunately, because you have the power to create attachment, you also have the power to un-create it. Consequently, the process of freedom is much simpler than most seekers realize. It is not something one creates anew through Herculean efforts or earns through great suffering; it is simply the result of shifting one's focus away from such surface shadows back to the real inner life, already residing within.

Once that occurs, "birth" happens relatively quickly. The chick breaks through its shell (is no longer captivated by the allure of such a creation) and enters into a much fuller and freer existence. Amidst such a transition, so much energy gets re-directed towards that fresh, new beginning, that everything else quickly fades into the background (the pain associated with the birth process, previous attachments to personal suffering or happiness, the misguided belief that Divine Forces were judgmental and punishing instead of profoundly Loving and Caring, etc.).

In terms of what happens to that now broken shell (the egoic dream of self) - like all other ideas, dreams or thoughts you have ever had that are no longer of use, it simply gets re-absorbed back into God's Love and Light.

Hence, the ultimate reason you (as you currently imagine yourself to be) can never get free, is the same reason that shell can never become a chick. The true seed of life (divine spark of God) always resided in the incubating chick within and never in the shell. Although such a protective layer was useful in its own right (for a time), it was never the intended endpoint of that egg!

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