Growing Pains


When is suffering OK? The trend as of late is to reach for all the "success" and happiness we can. We may have quite a bit of control over our destiny by the way we think and believe and behave, but there is always the "ouch" factor that hits us all sometime or other. Perhaps suffering can't be avoided always and indeed maybe there can be a purpose in it.


To better understand suffering, try seeing yourself from God's perspective. First and foremost, you are his most beloved child. And as his offspring, your number one job is to grow in awareness regarding who you truly are as well as unfold all (divinely given) abilities within. That is what will bring you as well as God the greatest joy and the deepest satisfaction.

To support such a process, God created the earth - a material playpen of sorts, filled with all kinds of toys or possibilities of experience. The specific stage of your development as well as the qualities you seek to uncover will determine which toys you pick up as well as how you play (or create) with them. As such, each child's growth process is completely unique and from a higher perspective, entirely beautiful!

For example, a "toddler" learning to walk will fall down significantly more than an infant still crawling around on all fours. Although, those apparent missteps probably cause him some pain or discomfort, such "suffering" is ultimately positive in that it promotes his long-term joy and development. Hence, viewing that tottering toddler as less than (somehow less successful or less happy than his infant counterpart), would be misguided.

That is why judging others (from limited human understanding) is always a problem - in that you never know where another is in relation to their development process. Self-judgment is equally (if not more) problematic for the exact same reason.

Hence, human suffering cannot always be avoided (nor should it be). What can be avoided though is the unnecessary pain we create for ourselves and others through judgment. In letting go of such an encumbrance, you open the doorway for Divine Joy to enter in. Amidst such pure Joy, even the most extreme human suffering begins to fade into the background. Then, you come to fully realize that all is well, has always been well and will always be well - that no real harm can ever come to you because who you truly are is eternally held in God's Loving care.

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