Runaway Fever!


I suddenly have the courage to leave my marriage of 15 years. It has been a frustrating union, in that we are so different and mutual respect has often been lacking. I know this has really held me back from becoming the person I am meant to be. I am looking forward to finally experiencing peace in my life. Realizing this truth has filled me with a tremendous sense of relief. I wonder what took me so long?


I suggest you wonder less about "what took you so long" and more about why you are making this decision now? Consider that other forces are at work besides a sudden burst of courage or a clear realization of the truth!

Actually, any (self-initiated) major life decision made during this time should be considered highly suspect, given the powerful waves of Divine energy currently entering the earth realm (Wave of Oneness). A very common side-effect of such energy is deep, often unconscious, sensations of panic. As a result, countless people are suddenly feeling the need to "run away".

Not understanding the real source of such panic, most people tend to focus on the more typical or familiar aspects of their life - believing a change in one of those areas will allow them to feel better or at least somewhat "safe" or "normal" (in the egoic sense). Consequently, thoughts of leaving a marriage, changing a job, moving to a new house/geographical area, even significantly altering one's appearance via plastic surgery, etc. are all dramatically on the rise.

Such impulses (regardless of how urgent, seductive, or clear they seem to be in the moment) should not be reflexively heeded. Change is clearly needed in order to handle such intense, energetic forces with greater elegance and ease, but it is meant to occur at more essential levels of consciousness first. Once that happens, the appropriate (divinely intended) outward changes will begin to unfold naturally.

Clearly, we are living in times in which such superficial fixes will no longer do the trick. Even in the event one received TRUE guidance to dramatically alter their outer circumstances (which of course, should always be followed), the overriding purpose would be to support a greater inward opening to divine forces. As such, one may not experience any relief at the surface or personality level. In fact, opening up to higher energies generally creates more challenges for the ego, not less.

Given the entire Universe is affected by these waves; there is really no place to hide from or escape their penetrating effect. You can physically leave behind a relationship, a job, a place, even your familiar form, but your consciousness (and the issues that ultimately need to be healed) will still be present. Hence, instead of impulsively breaking away from your marriage, do your best to consciously break open to God at this time. That is what will ultimately provide relief for the deepest, truest part of you, not just for a fleeting moment or two, but for all of eternity!

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