Mix Master of Illusion!


In last week's Wisdom you spoke about not engaging certain feelings unless they were "directly part of a divine releasing process in which they are permanently leaving your consciousness vs. simply being stirred up and reinforced." I have no desire to "stir up" more drama in my life, but I also don't want to block things from leaving that are meant to go. How am I supposed to know the difference?


Unless you have surrendered your personal will to Higher Will, pretty much everything that comes up (feeling-wise) is merely seeking to be stirred up or reinforced. That's because you have not invited the transformative power of Divine Love to enter the mix. Only such perfected Love has the power to permanently remove such energies from your consciousness. Absolutely nothing else in human creation is sufficient to the task. In fact, all attempts at the human or personality level to heal, fix or remove such attachments (despite how positive or productive they may appear to be in the moment) ultimately just add more illusion.

Fortunately, the moment you sincerely ask Higher Forces to take over, the magical process of divine purification and cleansing automatically begins. Amidst this process, your illusion will attempt to fight against such an invasion of purifying Light and Love by stirring up (even more intensely) long-standing illusory strongholds.

To best way to determine whether pure releasing is arising or your illusion is just acting up within such a context is to get quiet and ask God. Even if you do not hear a direct answer, there will often be a deep feeling response that indicates what is going on and how best to respond. This is the simplest and most direct approach.

If clearly discerning divine guidance seems beyond your present ability, look to other clues to guide the way. For example, just as with physical releases, true emotional releasing is often preceded by a period (perhaps only a day or two) of feeling particular good or strong in some way. Such positive states reflect your high level of readiness for the next stage of letting go. High states also occur when a part of you has already jumped ahead in consciousness. In that case, divine releasing often quickly follows to allow other aspects of your being to play catch up. It may also arise to strengthen your overall ability to maintain a new level of awareness permanently (via eliminating all lower energies presently standing in the way).

In addition to all of the above, one may also feel energetically "pregnant" or "charged" - as if something big is about to happen that it entirely natural but also powerfully transformative. As a result, a profound sense of sacredness as well as deep inner joy often surrounds such letting go. This may only be discernable at deeper levels of awareness. Consequently, your surface mind or egoic self may have a very different take on the situation. Interestingly, (just as with standard pregnancy) unusual symptoms may also arise - nausea, disturbed digestion, headaches, strange body aches, unusual moods, difficulty sleeping, food cravings, crying at the drop of a hat, twitching, etc. Such sensations are generally supportive of the process and therefore should not be suppressed.

Some individuals (those who are particularly sensitive), may also perceive the increased presence of Higher Beings prior to or during deep releasing. Supportive forces from higher realms (with various skill sets or connections to you) often gather around in increasing numbers to support or even direct the releasing process. Even if you do not perceive the presence of such Beings specifically, it may still feel like you are not quite alone during peak periods of release (as if the space you are occupying is somehow more crowded than usual).

And finally, given that Higher Forces are committed to releasing stagnant energies in the most efficient and elegant way possible (to limit unnecessary suffering), they tend to initiate the process when you have the most space, time and energy to allow for it. That could include when you are alone (perhaps due to family or friends being away), on vacation or in some other form of retreat from daily life. That is also why night time (set aside from the stresses and mental noise of the day) is one of the most common times for spiritual clearing.

At some point on this scared journey of releasing, you will discover something truly amazing - that feelings you once experienced so deeply and frequently that they actually seemed like a part of you, have now fallen away. Not only are you permanently free of such energies and the torment they bring, the vacuum created by their departure has immediately been filled with supportive Love and Light. On that day you will clearly realize that "mix master" of illusion (with its desire to continually stir up trouble) is absolutely no match for the purifying power of Divine Love!

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