The Full Song of Life!


All my life, it feels like I have been dealing with the same issues over and over with very little progress towards true, higher awareness with its promises of ultimate peace, fulfillment and freedom. How do I get out of this rut?


You truly are in a rut, not unlike a record stuck in a groove playing the same (mind-numbing) section of song over and over. Such is the nature of all human-based existence, regardless of the complexity of the tune, the variations in notes or even the shifting moods it evokes. Fortunately, (unlike most) you clearly recognize the unsatisfactory nature of your existence, which is always the first step towards real change and a positive new experience.

To powerfully jump out of such a limiting rut (and not immediately fall back into another one) I recommend you shift your focus of identity. Start seeing yourself as an eternal being - one who has lived forever and will continue to do so.

Making decisions and operating out of such awareness via constantly telling yourself "I AM eternal" will begin to propel you beyond the limitations of temporal human existence (with its endlessly ensnaring illusions and preoccupations). The more you can think eternally, the more you will have the natural confidence to make truer, higher choices, release fear-based attachments and distractions regarding your current finite form and relax more deeply into the fullness of your infinite nature.

Stepping forward into such a new vision of self requires boldness. That's because standard human consciousness (despite protestations otherwise) is generally comfortable with the status quo, due to its familiar, predictable quality. In fact, a typical life filled with endless problems and suffering (no matter how dire and perplexing) is almost universally preferred over the radical notion of a limitless existence filled with Freedom and Joy. Hence, the current state of humankind!

Ironically, the flip side of such eternality (imagining your life ending momentarily) can also shift you out of a rut. Both approaches, thinking in terms of living forever or ceasing to exist in the next instance, often profoundly help one enter the experience of "no-time" or the liberating Now of Ultimate Reality. That is why individuals who have experienced a life-threatening illness, a near death accident or vicariously encountered human-based finality through the loss of a loved one, etc. commonly have such a head start on breaking free.

Fortunately such drastic outer experiences (although highly useful) are not ultimately necessary for everyone to experience or experience repeatedly. One can instead focus on the essential gifts such occurrences offer by moving beyond personal attachments to the past or hopes for the future and centering directly in the Impersonal, Eternal Now.

Moving into such fullness and wholeness of time automatically moves you beyond the fragmented, splintered, contracted, repetitive (and therefore highly painful and often times boring) experience of typical human reality. Even more importantly, it is simply impossible to experience the full song of life (already perfectly composed by God) as long as you remained trapped in such a narrow range of existence!

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