Couples Prayer

Dear Beloved,

We desire to enter into thy larger plan for us - to expand the experience of who we really are as your beloved children.

We call upon you to remove all fear, shame and judgment (including self-judgment) still abiding in our consciousness, so that we may enter into thy larger plan with great efficiency and ease.

We desire to do this together (not as separate personalities, each going our own distinct way), but jointly - solidly unified in your Loving Purpose and Will.

We know that we were divinely drawn together for such perfected expression and that all we have endured thus far has been Loving preparation for that glorious destiny.

We are both ready and willing to surrender all past dreams of a separate nature and merge into the larger vision you already hold for our lives.

We trust that amidst such surrender, you will provide us (your beloved children) with everything we need to live joyously as well as succeed gloriously in your eyes.


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